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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
this what was really just a mismatch against hillary clinton and we are literally on the airplane in mid flight. it was a crazy time. and i remember in those early day i remember the candidate coming through headquarter and he was walking from the back of the room. he was wearing black societies heading my way. i couldn't focus on him. all i could think of it's just a big desk farm with open computer boxes. how are we going if i the space. the walls were white. just like this. the sunlight was coming through the win go. we didn't have campaign sign age. we didn't have anything to put on the walls get. he's walking toward me, and i was thinking, i remember this time because it's really one of the last times i think i talked to him when he didn't have secret service detail. and i'm sure his life changed from that moment. i was thinking, i look back on that and think how much my life changed too. he was tethered to the blackberry that was constantly a stream of things coming a me. it was the -- you know, i'll tell you one more story about the first moment. michelle obama. i met michelle oba
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a bum rep. if you read the conversations, the clinton tapes, he's expressing concerns and fears to clinton, and clinton is sympathetic with these things. needed a better pr organization to help him out. >> okay. by the way, is that patrick seal? >> is that patrick seal? patrick focused too much on the conspiracy theories of why certain things happened in the region. >> turning to egypt, you interviewed a lot of people in the movement. you mentioned the 1990s, obviously, where the, you know, basically the egyptians put down, and it is islamist insurgeon sigh and stapped to death, end of the movement. >> which, by the way, the leadership was against. >> the islamic -- >> in prison. >> yeah, yeah. they were much more. the question is, you know, is there any likelihood of the head of al-qaeda to resuscitate an al-qaeda-like group in egypt or other groups or egyptians gone through that in the 1990s seen as a dead end? how do you see that sort of militant movement in egypt playing out? >> here's the thing. first of all, all of the friends entered the political process. they renounced
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will restore the vitality begets america working again. >> friday, secretary of state hillary clinton speaks before a conference on the political changes in north africa, including egypt, libya and tunisia. .. knowledge the presence of three ambassadors who have now arrived, ambassador yannis hostra is here, thank you and the ambassador from belgium is here, thank you and i didn't say earlier that he is here the ambassador from the netherlands. okay, thank you all for coming today. we have a very interesting panel to talk about the election and politics and i will introduce them briefly. most of you are very familiar with them and then we will get into questions and have time for questions from those of you who are here. to my immediate left charlie cook who is the founder, editor and publisher of "the cook political report" which is a survival for people who care about politics and the campaigns in the likely outcomes of those campaigns. judy woodruff is senior correspondent for us "pbs newshour" and a senior correspondent at nbc and cnn and covered me in the white house when i was there a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3